D. Benoit Cosmetics


D. Benoit Cosmetics Inc is a company based in California, a product of the dreams, cosmetic creativity, and passion of its founder, C. Marie Danzy.  D. Benoit Cosmetics. High-end custom-made cosmetics with a not so high-end price tag was the vision C. Marie had when she began planning D. Benoit Cosmetics. With 9 years as an Investment Banker, our founder used what she knew about finance and business structure to figure out a way to do just that.

“I truly believe every woman is entitled to some amount of luxury. D Benoit’s vision is to be affordable for all, without compromising quality” says CEO C. Marie Danzy.

The name D. Benoit is derived from Danzy’s French background and inspired by her profound love of her grandfather who passed away from cancer. He was of French heritage.

“I remember my grandfather teaching me the importance of doing what you loved and being good…no being the best at it. It was that passion that encouraged me to resign from my cushy job and devote my life to my dream. Cosmetics. I hope to give you a product you will love as much as I do. D. Benoit’s products are sourced in the US” continues Ms. Danzy.

Customers can support PETAs crusade for a cruelty free world through our Beauty without cruelty program. Clients can choose from a full line of bold pigments and shades while supporting animal rights. Some of our products are vegan friendly and 100% of products are cruelty-free. In purchasing D. Benoit, you are also supporting job development in the US. 

Danzy states, “We believe in quality and want our customers to fall in love with each new product we develop and then fall head over heels when they find out it is all cruelty free! D. Benoit Cosmetics was created by a woman, designed by woman, and operated by women.”


Mission Statement:  

Dedicating our attention and time to quality. Quality is our core concern because every woman deserves no less. Understanding that the way cosmetics feel on the skin is just as important as the way it looks. Just as outer beauty is just as important as inner.

The guiding foresight of D. Benoît Cosmetics Inc is “Creating a beautiful world, one spirit at a time”. By “beauty”, we mean beautiful products, to bring out our beautiful inner self, while creating a beautiful feel. These three mainstays are a trademark of our Company. They will always and forever remain the foundation upon which we strive to build our success. One beautiful spirit at a time.



C. Marie Danzy had a 9-year career in finance, working for a large commercial bank. She is also 40% owner of a service company that covers five city regions within California. She is a mother, a sister, as well as a daughter. Anyone who knows her is aware of just how deep her passion for fashion and all things beauty runs.  She is pursuing her dreams as the founder of D Benoit Cosmetics.  She is the driving force behind D. Benoit Cosmetics and its decisions.



D. Benoit Cosmetics prides itself on providing the safest, purest, and most natural products possible without compromising pigment, bold colors and feel.  What makes D. Benoit Cosmetics unique, is that it uses pigments in product development that react differently, based upon formulation and the individual chemical response when mixed.  We use natural oils such as Jajoba along with Vitamins C and E to moisturize, condition and replenish lips. A blend of essential extracts are used in all lip products to promote healing and maintain suppleness.


Benoit Cosmetics:

Does NOT test on animals

Uses high end avocado, Jajoba oil and other essential oils

Vitamins C & E are used in a wide variety of our products

Does not contain Parabens 



What is inside:

 All products sold by D. Benoit Cosmetics are certified by PETA as being cruelty free, some products are considered vegan. All products are paraben free. D. Benoit Cosmetics Sugar Pout lip scrubs are all natural. D. Benoit strives to use the most natural ingredients possible in all products.










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