D. Benoit Cosmetics


Want to carry D. Benoît Cosmetics in your retail or online store? D. Benoit uses 'Selective Distribution' strategy. Please read the below requirements and use the form on this page to submit your application for approval.


Retail Requirements:

  • -Complete online application
  • -Submit copy of current resale license
  • -Submit current business licence and/or sales and use tax certificate depending on your state laws
  • -Include number of locations, business address and business entity type
  • -Submit 2 forms of identification for any owner that holds 10% or more stock or ownership in your company (see acceptable identification list)
  • -Additional documentation may be requested


    **All retailers, distributors, and stockist are responsible for securing and maintaining appropriate state and/or local permits, licenses, and certificates when required by your state, region, or city. It is also strongly urged you maintain your own insurances where needed. D. Benoit Cosmetics Inc does not accept responsibility for the lack of the mentioned documentation.


    Application Process

    • -Incomplete applications will delay processing
    • -Allow 7-10 business days for your application to be processed and approved
    • -You will be notified via email and mail within 24 hours of your application being approved

      Shipping & Handling

      • -Shipping is generally accessed based on weight and destination, unless you are an Independent Sales Rep. UPS, FedEx or USPS will be used to determine shipping amount.
      • -An adult must sign for shipment
      • -You may assume the cost of having your provider pick up your delivery and bill you. We will need your UPS, FED EX or USPS account information

      Terms & Conditions

      • Terms & Conditions will be given in PDF format upon approval

        ID Requirements

        • -Two forms of identification must be submitted. One Id from Column A and Column B must be submitted

        Column A

        1. Driver's License
        2. State ID
        3. Any other qualifying government photo ID
        4. Foreign Driver's License
        5. Passport

        Comumn B

        1. Business Tax Licence
        2. Sellers Permit
        3. Articles of Incorporation or Association (must be stamped by the Secretary of State)
        4. Fictitious Name statement (accepted for sole proprietors only)
        5. Large retail companies may use alternate documents




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